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Welcome to Lightbox Lane!

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Not quite the launch we were expecting...

So where do we start! We intended on our first blog entry to be all about our business launch & how excited we are to bring you Lightbox Lane Events.

Whilst the latter is still very much true, the big launch has been well & truly postponed. We are writing this entry as the UK, & many countries around the world, are going through some very strange times.

Due to Covid 19, many lives have been turned upside down & our country has been forced to take unprecedented steps to try & control the spread of the virus.

The wedding & events industries are among the hardest hit, as public gathering limitations have made these types of occasions impossible. Furthermore, we have no real clue as to when they will be possible.

Our heart truly goes out to the many, many people this has affected. Brides, grooms & their families. People who have had to cancel or postpone other special occasions such as christenings & parties, after months, or in some cases, years of planning.

But among all the heartbreak, sadness and stress, it is important to remember that these events will still go ahead in the future. Couples will still get their dream wedding day, families will still have their child's special christening service, & people will still party & celebrate with their friends.

Celebrations post Covid 19 will be even better! If the current situation has taught us anything as a nation, its how important it is to hold our family close, and how important our loved ones really are! These celebrations will be even more fun, the hugs & moments of affection even more real & the family gatherings even more special.

We have been humbled to see how people have come together in this time of need. Many of our fantastic local venues are going above & beyond to help their customers during this time. It really is wonderful to see such positivity and generosity in our community.

And so back to Lightbox Lane...

We have decided there will be no big launch. No big push on social media. No big competition to win your complete wedding decor (although we still very much plan to do this once venues & suppliers are back up and running).

Our website has been launched & customers can now book online for 2021.

We are open. Just discreetly. For now.