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Our Top Tips - Making Your Wedding Sustainable

Updated: Feb 20

It is more important than ever for engaged couples to think about the footprint of their big day.

Reports suggest that 4910 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic was used up & left behind at British weddings in 2019, the equivalent of 47 Blue Whales!

If each couple were to take small, mindful steps when planning their big day, it really could have a BIG impact!

This doesn't have to mean huge changes to your plans. Weddings can produce lots of plastic packaging, throwaway décor & food waste, all of which, with careful planning & consideration, can be reduced.

Below we take a look at some simple, budget friendly tips, to help make your wedding more eco-friendly..

1. Choosing an Eco-Friendly Venue

Something as simple as choosing a venue which is local to you & your guests, can make a huge difference! The biggest carbon footprint from your wedding is travel, therefore anything you can do to reduce this is an eco-friendly win!

Check your venue has recycling facilities & choosing a permanent structure, such as a hall or barn, makes a more sustainable choice than a venue such as a marquee, which needs transporting & constructing.

2. Choose your guest list carefully

Reducing the number of guests is the easiest way to reduce waste & the number of people needing to travel.

We know that due to the current restrictions on weddings, during the Covid-19 pandemic, a large guest list isn’t necessarily a luxury we all have! However, if you are planning a wedding for 2022 onwards, this is something to certainly think about.

3. All about the dress!

It is common practice to hire out suits for your big day, but what about your dress?

There are a couple of simple ways you can make yours & your bridesmaids dresses more eco-friendly.

Our favourite option is to choose a pre-loved or vintage dress! There are so many beautiful pre-loved dresses out there & vintage styles tend to suit most body shapes. Not only that, you will save some pennies & most likely grab yourself a bargain!

One of our favourite, local wedding dress boutiques, is in fact Bridal Reloved Caistor, who are passionate about sustainability within our industry & do everything they can to support and promote eco-friendly fashion!

Check out their Facebook page here to book an appointment..

If a preloved dress isn't for you, make sure you choose an ethical designer.

There are lots of amazing dress designers who are committed to ethical production & the use of eco-friendly materials.

This is also true of your wedding rings & jewellery, with many jewellers now preferring to source recycled, fair-trade metals and ethical stones.

Whichever dress you choose, make sure you look after it!

A well looked after dress can be handed down to the next generation, sold on or reused in a number of other amazing, creative ways!

Another handy tip is to let your bridesmaids choose their own dresses. This way they are much more likely to wear them again, as opposed to throwing them to the back of their wardrobes after the big day, never to be seen again!

4. Stationery & Favours

Often wedding invitations can mean lots of paper!

Why not look into sending your invites digitally, to cut down on paper waste?

If you're a traditionalist & the idea of e-invites is a definite no, then make sure your invites are made using recyclable materials.

We are so in love with the idea of seeded paper, plant-able wedding invitations & can highly recommend you check out..

We are obsessed with the idea that your guests can plant their invitation in their garden & it will bloom into something beautiful, an amazing reminder of your big day!

This idea is also perfect for wedding favours!

Little packets of wildflower seeds, given to all of your guests are the gift that keeps on giving and cut out any cellophane wrappers & plastic waste, which can really mount up at a wedding with a hundred guests or more!

Switch your faux rose petal confetti for dried out rose petals, or natural 100% biodegradable petal confetti & give out to your guests after the ceremony.

5. Choose your caterers wisely

If you are bringing outside caterers in, you will get more say in your catering & where the products come from, however if your venue is doing the catering in-house you can still speak with the chef & tell them your preferences!

Use a local company if possible, who has a good reputation, ethos & working relationship with local food suppliers.

Choosing seasonal vegetables can cut down on transport emissions & packaging.

Think seasonal & local when it comes to food, and you're good to go!

Make sure your venue does not use disposable dinnerware such as plastic straws, glasses, cutlery etc, even if your wedding is being held outside. There are lots of compostable alternatives available!

6. Flowers & Décor

Similar to our catering advice, when it comes to your wedding blooms, seasonal & local is the way to go!

Chat to your florist to check that they do not use floral foam. Floral foam is the equivalent to single-use plastic, in the sense that it doesn't break down in landfill.

Consider using plants as an alternative to cut flowers. These can then be gifted to your guests to take home & replant in their gardens, a lovely reminder of your special day.

Candles are a great way to light up your venue, create a beautiful, romantic atmosphere & save on electricity in the process (always check with your venue on their policy on naked flamed candles).

When it comes to décor, the most cost effective & eco-friendly way to go is to hire items, instead of purchasing them.

We offer an extensive range of beautiful décor to hire & offer a bespoke styling service, pulling together all of your ideas, creating the perfect style for your big day.

Check out our Catalogue here

& get in touch with any questions or for a chat!