• Lightbox Lane Events

A time for reflection...

So here we are four weeks post launch & into our Journey. I say into our journey, however our journey started long before we launched four weeks ago! In fact it was back in January when we first decided to take the plunge & start our new venture.

You may or may not know that one of the Lightbox Lane Team also works at a local venue. For her, January & February were spent building props & styling the rather large function room at the venue, ready to welcome through the doors over 900 guests, over the space of a month, for some huge annual corporate functions. It was also at this time that the idea of Lightbox Lane was born.

We both knew event styling & design was the path we wanted to take in life. We are most happy when we are making things look beautiful & being part of someone’s big day! For the other half of the team, she also gets to play a different role in her other job, by booking & organising weddings and events too. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing months, & sometimes years, of planning coming together. The smile on peoples faces as they enter a decorated room is so contagious. We just can’t get enough of making it happen. Sorry for the cheese here, but we truly are passionate about what we do.

Life is all about new experiences & starting a business has definitely not let us down on that front. As many of you will know, it's a whole different ball game going it alone, to working for an already established employer.

The first lesson learnt is the fact that you have to pay for everything! Now that may sound obvious! But when you are just starting out, there are so many things to buy that you simply forgot needed paying for! From domain names, to email addresses, from stationary to social media advertising, they really were not kidding when they said the list was endless! Speculate to accumulate they say. Fingers crossed on that one.

There's always more to learn! You think you have something nailed. You have spent hours working on it & are relieved when it's done. Then, a question comes in & you realise there is a better way to go about it. So you proceed to open that bookings sheet once again & settle down for some more hours graft. Starting a new business is a sharp learning curve & you have to be adaptable. Like with anything in life, you have an idea which eventually evolves & grows over time. Listen to feedback from your customers & ask for it. It really is the way forward.

Be prepared to get a tiny bit obsessed! Especially with analytics & insights. Ok, so we started with the mindset that we would just launch the website & social media pages. Put them out there quietly, & ‘see what happens’. Fast forward three weeks later & our screen time has more than doubled as we obsess over every notification that comes in, praying it's some interaction on one of our pages! Yes we know this is more than sad! But hopefully those of you who have also been through this process can relate. Building up a business requires patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say. And understandably customers need to feel they are booking with a reputable company. After all, they are asking you to play a part in the biggest day of their lives. Patience is definitely a virtue in this case.

Of course the current climate throws up its own challenges. With five children between us, launching a new business in lockdown has been far from a doddle. As I am sure most people attempting to work from home have come to realise, children & work under the same roof do not mix! It is a very uncertain time in our industry. No one really knows when weddings & functions will be able to go ahead again, & when they do, under what circumstances.

That's why we are so utterly over the moon with all the support we have received so far! Every like, follow, comment & enquiry are so much appreciated. We are humbled that even in these dark times, people have still gone out of their way to support us and to help us get known.

We can see our business growing every day. Slowly. Bit, by bit. But nevertheless growing.