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A rainbow of colours...

Updated: May 29

We have all got used to seeing our streets lined with beautiful, colourful rainbows, these last few months! Rainbows are a symbol of peace & hope, as they often appear when the sun follows heavy rainfall. They remind us that there is hope & light to follow the darkest of times & are loved by many for their beautiful colours!

We thought now was the perfect time to take a deeper look at colours. As you will already know, different colours have different meanings & not only that, your choice of wedding colours can have a huge impact on the vibe & feel of your day! Your chosen colour palette is an extension of your personal style as a couple & can make all the difference when creating a cohesive wedding aesthetic.

Below we take a look at some of our favourites & the meanings behind them...

Pink.. Pink is the colour of compassion and love. It is a friendly playful colour that nurtures us, bringing worth and joy to our lives. It is kind and comforting, full of sympathy and makes us feel accepted. Pink is a feminine colour that is bursting with pure romance!

At Lightbox Lane we are totally in love with blush pink at the moment! We have been eyeing up some beautiful blush pink fabrics recently, including delicate cottons, organza & lace. We can’t wait to style one of our lovely customers' big day using blush pink as their accent colour!

White.. The colour of purity and innocence. White is the balance of all colours. It is associated with cleanliness, simplicity and perfection & provides hope and clarity by purifying and refreshing the mind. It promotes open mindedness and self reflection & is of course the signature colour of weddings.

Grey.. The colour of compromise and control. It is a neutral & conservative colour. Grey is solid and incredibly stable. It can be very reliable and calming & peaceful. The mysterious marvel of this colour arouses and seduces our senses with its elegance and sexiness!

Grey is such a popular colour when it comes to home décor at the moment, so it seems perfectly natural that it should also feature as a wedding colour! We love the idea of a deep charcoal grey teamed up with yellow or a softer dove grey with a beautiful pastel blue.

Brown.. This colour is dependable and comforting. It is the colour of stability and reliability. You can count on Brown if you need support and protection. It is full of wisdom & helps us to stay grounded. Brown inspires us to appreciate the simple things in life!

Whilst you may think Brown is a strange colour for us to feature among our favourites! But as you know at Lightbox Lane we LOVE all things rustic. Rustic décor embraces nature-inspired textures & uses simple earthy colours, predominantly Brown, to create an organic warmth we can’t help but fall in love with!

Green.. Green is the colour of health and harmony. It is seen as a relaxing colour that can revitalise our body and mind. It can make us feel safe and secure by balancing our emotions. Green is considered to provide luck and gives us hope of growth and prosperity.

We love green because it reminds us of nature & the beautiful world around us! As with Brown, Green is a simple & earthy colour. We absolutely love greenery & Green foliage at weddings! It adds such a classy touch & will fit in beautifully with any style of décor.

Black.. The colour of power and sophistication. Black is an incredibly strong and intimidating colour that exudes authority & makes us feel secure and protected.

Whilst not immediately thought of as a wedding colour, we have seen some fantastic weddings & events featuring Black! It can look amazing & very classy, for those who dare!

Gold.. This colour is associated with illumination, love and compassion. It encourages magic and wisdom. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth and prosperity as well as sparkle, glitz and glamour. It is the colour of success, achievement and triumph.

Who doesn’t love Gold, right? We are loving gold cutlery at the moment, as opposed to the traditional silver & can’t wait to see it featured on more & more wedding tables in 2021.

Red.. The colour of passion and drama. Red is associated with strong emotions such as love and anger & is the colour used universally to signify danger, courage, strength and power. Red is stimulating, vibrant and exciting and it inspires desire! It has so many colour variations including.. Scarlet, Crimson, Vermilion, Carmine, Maroon, Burgundy, Ruby, Rose Red, Madder, Rouge, Brick Red, Blood Red, Fire Engine Red, Cinnabar, Russet, Rust, Venetian, Flame Red, Indian Red. So you really are spoilt for choice!

Blue.. A calming and relaxing colour that gives us peace and makes us feel secure and confident. Blue is the colour of trust and loyalty. It is an honest, reliable and responsible colour & has the ability to make us feel calm and relaxed.

Navy blues teamed with Golds can make a truly stunning colour palette.

Purple.. It is the colour of spirituality and imagination. Purple inspires us to divulge our innermost thoughts, which enlightens us with wisdom and growth. It is often associated with royalty and luxury and it's mystery and magic sparks creative fantasies!!

Lilac.. Lilac takes its name from the flower. This colour has strong connections to feminine qualities such as caring, being emotional and nurturing. It promotes helpfulness and avoids confrontation. The uniqueness of this colour implies a willingness to stand out and go against the crowd.

Lilac reminds us of beautiful country garden weddings, & Lilac flowers make truly stunning bouquets.

Orange.. This colour exudes warmth and joy and is the colour of enthusiasm and emotion. Orange is considered a fun colour. It can be uplifting and encourages positivity. It is a youthful energetic colour!

Whilst you may not typically associate the colour Orange with weddings, we love its vibrancy therefore just couldn’t miss it out! Besides, warm earth tones including Burnt Orange, Brown & Teal, make for a warm, cosy colour palette, perfect for Autumn weddings!

Yellow.. This is the colour of optimism and happiness. It is an energetic and cheerful colour that brings out fun and joy! It is said to assist in our learning as it affects the logical part of the brain stimulating mentality and perception. Yellow boosts enthusiasm and confidence and inspires thought and curiosity!

One of the most beautiful weddings we have seen featured large Yellow sunflowers! From that moment onwards, we were in love!

Creating a beautiful wedding aesthetic requires careful consideration & a whole lot of planning! Be inspired by your setting, wedding season & the vibe you wish to create.

Once you have decided on your colours, all of the other decorative details will fall into place, from flowers & stationery to wedding party attire, table linens & more.

Have we listed your favourite?